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A boom pump can reach the highest, lowest, and tightest spots that a mixer vehicle, wheel barrow, or ground line cannot, making them ideal for jobs at height and drop pouring from above.

A boom pump is the ideal solution if your work site is at a height, such as in a high-rise development project, or behind another building, such as in the garden of a house with no rear access. It has a long, hydraulic arm that can lift and place the concrete pipes into particularly difficult access areas.

How does a boom pump work?

The concrete mixer vehicle discharges mixed concrete into the pump’s hopper. It is then pumped along a pipe to the desired location. The pipe is connected to a hydraulically operated boom arm, which can be moved into the desired position.

Why use concrete pumping?

Truck Specifications

Our machine offers a safer and easier way of getting the concrete/screed to the desired destination, it is a more cost effective option as well, by saving time.

This machine makes hard work effortless by not having to rake, shovel, drag or lift concrete/screed. A simple push of a button by the operator is all it requires to manoeuvre the boom to the desired location.

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